• Cereria Ferrario

    Candles makers since 1925

  • Votive line

    Specific production for churches and religious institutes

  • House Line

    Our product range has expanded over the last few years with the introduction of decorative candles and citronella torches.

Cereria Ferrario – Busto Arsizio
Candles makers since 1925

Our production includes votive candles with or without containers, grave lights, decorative, pillar and taper candles, tea lights, scented and citronella candles, torches, lamp oil, special waxes, accessories.

Grave lights Line

Candles with different size, colours and images made with special waxes for outdoor use. Available with top metal cover or rain cover.

Votive Line

Special candles, composed of fully refined and low melting point waxes, stearins and other special waxes.
Together with a natural wicks and PPL plastic they reduce burn, preventing the increase of a current of upwardly, which causes polluting and damaging material deposited on walls and ceilings of churches.

Custom Line

From a customer image, in few days, we can prepare and delivery votive candles, with custom stickers, pictures and prayers, in different size.
Available from 500 pieces without extra cost.

House Line

Handmade and industrial candles, scented, decorative, citronella, for home and outdoor use. High-viscosity waxes and carefully chosen scents, made a point of reference for everyone looking for quality and prestige in a product.

Lights & Fragrances

The new scented candle. A particular compound of wax, essential oils strictly selected, has the capacity to maintain its parfume for long time.
A modern and elegant packaging, a functional conic shape for a perfect and uniform diffusion of the fragrances,a serigraphy glass to furnishing and to create suggestive effect of light, makes “Lights & Fragrances®” an innovative product with a sure commercial impact.

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